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ISP Local School Collaboration Program

Establishing a good quality partnership allows schools to:

  • Share academic files between staff & students to improve academic standards in member schools.

  • Establish friendship among students and proper knowledge and skills sharing among member schools.

  • Maintain and protect our school values and norms

  • Have a unified voice on issues regarding education development '

  • Provide education to in and out of school children and youth in communities around our school

  • Create environmentally friendly projects.

  • Develop teacher/tutor profiles to ease exchange program

  • Student-driven sensitization and facilitation workshop about the value of education.

Students Interaction Clubs

  • Human Rights Clubs

  • English and Math Clubs

  • Science Clubs

  • Geography Clubs

  • Entrepreneurship Club

  • Literature/Scripting Writing Clubs

  • History Club

  • Product

  • Life Skills and Behavioral Change Club

  • Health Education Club

  • Cultural Education Club

  • Political Clubs

  • Debate club

  • Environment Education Club

In School Direct Projects

As an organization we deeply understand the way schools operate and to ensure equal service delivery and equality among school going children and students we thought of this kind of project that usually helps us and our volunteers to feel the empathy of life. Students go through in an environment with inadequate resources or logistical support despite their efforts to study and perform well in class. Here’s our “In School Direct Projects” to support them:

Dress for School Project

Pads for School Girls Project

My geometry set my education

Lunch for every student

A laptop for every student

ISP student pen pal

Ride to school

Good hygiene for every school

Strategic Programs

Establishing school partnerships

  • ISP creates networking among local schools to organize academic programs that directly benefit students, teaching staff and infrastructural development.

  • Building partnership between local and international schools for academic, co-curricular and extra curricular programs, intercultural exchange, innovation, skill transfer, administrative programs and many more.

Organizing teacher capacity building programs

  • Organize online and face-to-face professional learning for teachers through webinars, reciprocal in-country workshops and school visits.

  • Organizing education exposure visits among schools 

  • Organizing forums for school headmasters/teachers and parents for knowledge, skills sharing and improving school performance.

To reach this goal, ISP will focus on the following commitments:

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