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Volunteer With Us

We would like to thank you for your consideration and interest to be a part of our family.

  • Its never too late to give back to the community and lend a helping hand.

  • Share skills and gain skills.

  • Get a chance to meet other great personalities like you in action.

  • Work behind the scenes to experience the reality yourself.

Ways To Help

Fund Raising 

Fund raising for various programs like:

  • My lunch my education.

  • My Scholastic materials my education.

  • My sanitary pad my education.

  • Shoes for every school child.


Volunteer in our local schools in Uganda

  • Give a short presentation on a topic that you want to share with our children and teachers to improve life and behavioral skills.

  • Help us build a strong curriculum.

  • Help our teachers to meet the international standard of teaching practices.  


Medical and Health Volunteer Program in Uganda

  • Participate in our weekly counseling and guidance program.

  • Participate in our sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness seminars.

  • Help us provide care and Psychosocial support for infants, children, people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Work with identified ISP youth and people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS clusters to support their good health.

Please send us an email for more details at

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