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Strategic Programs

Connecting and policy advocacy

  • Serve as the bridge for students and local schools, coordinating contributions from the ISP community with rural and urban schools in Uganda.

  • Advocating our government and other development partners to create networking channels to ease development among learning institutions and seek support to key educational development organization/projects thus also to be able to provide resources to remote areas in our operation communities.

Research and Development

  • Promote evidence-based educational practice with nursery, primary, secondary teachers, leaders, policymakers and the public, resulting in conversation and collaboration around school improvement in Uganda.

  • Enhance school leadership through sustained professional learning for teachers and school administrators right from our operation communities.

  • Hosting and organizing an annual inter-institutions conference

  • Information sharing and networking including creating linkages among learning institutions, education organizations, large corporations and small enterprises with interest education through a unique networking model helping them to build capacity, grow in size and perhaps helping ISP be capable to create accessible training programs suitable to parents/ guardians. In addition, be able to create jobs and add value to the existing local supply chain thus contributing to more rapid economic growth, greater equity and wider spread of local economy so that in future it can be of greater support to their children.

Capacity building

  • Capacity building and training for member schools, stakeholders and any other new entrants in the educational partnership to enable them to manage programs according to development ISP standards

  • Setting up a platform to offer materials and curricula enabling teachers to carry out engaging investigations and effective lessons in class to simply motivate young people/students on their journey to academic success.

  • Planning, lobbying and providing career exploration opportunities for pre-secondary students

  • Fundraising for the members' institutions to improve infrastructural development.

  • Source government scholarships, bursaries to support vulnerable and orphaned talented, bright students in and out institutions.

  • Management, monitoring, supervision of ISP projects in both local and international contact schools i.e. ensuring supervision of performance.

Strategic Programs: Services
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